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We use the most advanced blanks and resins for custom surfboards and wake surfboards in the industry. Surfers can choose from polyurethane foam with polyester resin or EPS foam with epoxy resin. All boards use Direct-Size Hexcel fiberglass. The polyurethane boards use environmentally friendly and top of the line Y2K solar resin. The epoxy boards utilize 2 lb. EPS Edro Foam from Dixon, California, and Epoxy resin that is 35% more flexible and MUCH stronger which creates a stronger, lighter board.

  Polyurethane EPS
Glass Direct-Size Hexcel Direct-Size Hexcel
Resin Y2K Solar Polyester Epoxy (35% more flexible)
Foam Polyurethane 2 lb. EPS
Stringer Bass wood Bass, Poplar, PVC
Fins Futures Fins Futures Fins


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