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Vernor Surfboard's revolutionary I-Beam Suspension.

The large black "V" in the tail section above is the carbon fiber cloth used in the construction the revolutionary Vernor I-beam Suspension system. It is not a Vernor Surfboards logo as you will learn below.

the concept: less twist = more drive

A typical surfboard undergoes tortional twist, which wastes energy and drive. By taking out the torsional twist the I-beam Suspension creates more drive and, therefore a 30% faster board.

the details: I-Beam Suspension construction

Watch how the Vernor I-beam Suspensions
system is installed.

  • I-Beam Suspension is made in the board with a carbon-fiber bar and carbon fiber cloth outer wrap. This creates the distintive black "V" you see on all Vernor I-Beam Suspension Surfboards and Wake Surfboards.
  • I-Beam connects the stringer to fin boxes and extends out to the rails
  • Vector double foil fins maximize the effect
  • Less torsional twist = better control

Vernor Surfboards has been making I-Beam Suspension surfboards since April 2003.

finshing touches: vector fins make it even faster, even more responive

Another important piece to the Vernor Surfboards suspension system is the Vector double-foil fin design by Futures Fins for both side fins. This amazing new fin design generates more torque and acceleration – you can feel it on your first turn.


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